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Visiting Cambridge Relatives
Family family family 12/05

Barrett's Farm in Concord, Mass
A revolutionary Arms Storebegins restoration 12/05

A Company Goes out of Business in Dorchester
Servolift 1922-2005

The Company of Strangers
Gus Powell's opening in Paris 12/05

Paris Soup Kitchen Again
Feeding 450 souls 12/05

party in a cycle shop 11/05

Dead Combo
Portugese band in London11/05

Art Opening in Zywiec
Photo Gallery in next to the Tatras 11/05

Human Relations in Osceicim
Closing night party 11/05

Meditation in Auschwitz/Birkenau
Zen Peacemaker Family in Poland 10//05

Javier Ibarguen's Baptism
Today is Tomorrow - New Haven 10/30/05

Read Duston Spear
Opening Night in a Chelsea Gallery 10/05

Village Zendo Benefit at The Puck Building
The sitters stand 10/05

Another State (film)
A day in a Brooklyn school with Lucy Calkins 2005

Metropolitan Party
Absolute Sphinx 10/05 -

American Winners (film)
Prize winning corporate employees 2005

Dan and Juliette's Wedding
Brooklyn goes to the mountain 8/05

Island Fire
life's a beach 7/05

A Day in San Francisco
Love and War 9/05

A Night in Houston
Before the Deluge 9/05

Sage Carter Projects
Public Art 9/05

Sam Anderson's Modern Design
Opening of Museum of Modern Art Conservation Facility 7/05

Eddy Awards
Paul Vershbow gets what he deserves 5/05

Haircuts for Cancer
Mother and daughters donate hair for wigs 5/05

Williamsburg Wedding
Russian-German (American) Pact 4/05

Studio Visit in Dumbo
Andrew Mockler shows his paintings 4/05

Basketball Champs
Calhoon wins Manhattan private school championship 2/05

Young Musician
Composer at computer 1/05

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