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Birth of Buddha Dubois
Dharma Transmission in Salt Lake City Dec 8, 2007

The Grand National Theater in Beijing
Opening for the architect, Paul Andreu Dec 6 2007

November in China
Films and stills from Beijing, Shanghai, and Nanjing 11/07

Street retreat in Boston
Bernie's students from Harvard Divinity School try a day without a wallet

A request for more material for the Eva calalogue 10/17/07

Chicago Mountain
Robert Joshin Althouse Ascends the Mountain 10/13/07

Cross-border union
Trisha and Dana get married in Maine 10/6/07

Cousin Anna marries Noam
A rooftop wedding on the Hudson

Client Portfolio
commercial jobs


Ouest with Morgana, Amy, and William
Welcome to The New School 8/22/07

The Chairman's Award Event
Four Seasons, Marriot Times Square, Museum Natl History 8/07

An evening with Max Fenton
Rubin Museum and .... 8/07

The Great Mistake of 1898
The first act of Jordan and James' band: Arlene's Grocery 8/07

Open End Opening at Lincoln Center
Paul Kaiser and Marc Downie and Jane Moss light up the plaza 7/31/07

2 days in July
Grand Manan

The Sardine Museum and Herring Hall of Fame
July 2007and also:
2006 and before and just tony

Testing One Two
Greenwich Village/Times Square

Alisa & Mike Marry
Washington City and Maryland Mountains 7/3/07

Grand Manan
a week alone 6/07

Nat's Pond
Brunswick, Maine 6/17/07

Grand Manan pictures for The New Yorker
submissions for Calvin Trillin article (June 28,2007)

Grand Manan pictures for The New Yorker #2
the fire

Signs of Life
ideas for short films, "Vringtones"with words

recording sessions at Studio214

Greenwich Village evening
White wine at Camaje on McDougal Street 6/8/07

M.Schap's head
Author pictures 6/7/07

June Tanoue's Zen Priest Tokudo
Chicago 6/2/07

Zen Center of Los Angeles 40th Anniversary
White Plum Asanga meeting 5/17/07 Triptychs

West Side Story
photographer watches tv

Kuma Hula June Tanoue's HO'IKE 2007
New York City 5/13/07

Dinner at 214
Reid and Nat arrive from Paris

The Order of Disorder
Pissing in the snow 4/1/07

American Composers Orchestra
After Zankel Hall 3/26/07

Tribute Concert for Odetta
Alexandria, Virginia 3/24/07

100th Birthday of Soen Roshi
Pictures from 1982 visit to Ryutaku-ji

Murders on Sullivan Street
Cops shot on the doorstep 3/14/07

Steven Mackay plays for ACO
Maya Stenhal Gallery in Chelsea 3/07

Zen Peacemaker Sangha
meeting in Montague, Mass 2/07

Barrett House, Concord, Mass.
reconstruction begins 2/07

L'Un Est L'Autre 2007
Yuri makes soupe in the new kitchen 1/07

Marzena Ryunen Rey teaches introductory Zen
Mainz, Germany 1/07

Reid and Natalie party at 214 Sullivan
The French invade Manhattan 1/07

Big Mind Retreat in Ameland Netherlands
Genpo Roshi teaches 200 for ten days 1/07

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