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Roshi Bernie Glassman and Sense Genki Kahn
Teaching at Harvard Divinty School and visiting Haley House: December 11, 2008

Three weeks in Shanghai
Seeing and Being Seen and much more November 2008

The Last Days of Yankee Stadium
A Red Sox fan admires the arch rival's beautiful field 9/11-9/13

Seven Boats sail into New York Harbor
My friend Max Fenton assists artist SWOON with a very big project; here we await the boat's arrival in Long Island City

4 expeditions to Grand Manan
Many many beautiful things and a crazy newspaper article about MOI.

An evening at The Explorer's Club and The Whiskey Bar
Gus and Arielle get married 8/30/08

Corporate celebration in Times Square - - - and at The United Nations

Barbez plays Lush Life
The ghosts of the old Village Gate still hear music 8/8/08

The Order of Disorder Creates Chaos
Zen Peacemakers in Montague, Mass: The Boobysatvah Bernie Glassman, Mr. Yoowho, Nocando, KuKu and friends. A Disorderly memorial service for Fogseeker

New York Nightclub - - and more
Opening Nights

The Last Supper
Restaurant Florent's closing party

Free Friday at MOMA
Modern figures visit with 100 year old iconic Modern Art

Collection for Ricky Ian Gordon's The Green Shoes
Photographs related to death and dying
Ricky sings to Wendall Harrington / Ricky Ian's website

The New Jersey State Fair
Peter and his assistant location scout at The Meadowlands

Visiting Home
My father comes home for 5 hours

Wedding in Bavaria
Friends gather in Germany

A hour in Murray Hill
Testing for a job about the atmosphere of a section of the city

Ideas for Cards
Proposed greeting cards 1/08

bar mitzvah
A right of passage

Beijing Olympic construction
The Bird's Nest and the National Theater 1/08

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