(in order of appearance)
Photographs by Peter Cunningham 2009-2010

Rwanda: A Bearing Witness Retreat
April 7-20, 2010

April 21-24, 2010

Volcano Time: Paris and Ghent
Stranded and Suffering: April 25th, 2010

"Are We There Yet: A Zen Journey through Space and Time"

Dinner with Helmut Schmidt in Hamburg 2/6/10

Many new things from the Bay of Fundy


The RIver of Change: Cultural Evolution in China - a book project




Truro Farewell
Memorial Stroll on Cape Cod for Tony Nunziata 10/11

Mr Yoowho's Place
Still Life in San Francisco 10/8

Cooking and Wandering in San Francisco
A day with Michel Dubois 10/7

The Dalai Lama in Vancouver
A "Peace Summit" is convened 10/3. more here



Without Me
Ideas for book pages from Grand Manan 2009

Images of people from Grand Manan

200 Guitars
Rehearsal for a performance at Lincoln Center

Family Reunion
Cape Cod

Green Tonka
From the collection of Heinrich Zimmer

Children learning to read
Lucy Calkins in Manhattan

Michael Zimmer memorial service
Soho and 15 Commerce Street in Greenwich Village May 16, 2009

The Michael Zimmer Trilogy
Three books in honor of the founder of The Sardine Museum and Herring Hall of Fame

We Will Be Still: a book
The voice of the great sages: photographs of words

version 2: "Hey See Here" ****

Adam Kurtzman exhibition
The Visionary Museum in Baltimore, Md

Art-Ads, an event by Jordan Seiler
100 billboards are replaced by artworks in NYC 4/25/09

Barrett Farm joins Minuteman National Park
By act of Congress, this historic building in Concord, Mass is included in the park.

Bernie Glassman visits The Greyston Foundation
Bernie gives a tour of the institution he founded 30 years before.

The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society: an event
Mirabai Bush introduces the new executive in Northhamption, Mass.

A Couple of Pairs, Pair of Couples
ideas for prints

Winter on Old Montague Farm
Formerly home to anti-Nuclear organizing, now home to The Zen Peacemakers

No Boundaries: Peter Matthiessen
A biographical film is debuted at The Brooklyn Academy of Music

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