The Zen Peacemaker Family was founded in 1996 by Roshi Bernard Tetsugen Glassman and Sensei Sandra Jishu Holmes as an extension of traditional Soto Zen practice. ZPF in turn birthed the interfaith Peacemaker Circle International as well as The Maezumi Institute and The House of One People.
These and other pictures of the history can also be seen on Flicker.

Photographs by Peter (KuKu) Cunningham

10/04 A potpourri of Zen in America

6/05 Meeting of OD FELLLOWS: Bubysatva, Yoowho, and Kuku

5/05 Installation of ZPF Co-Spiritual Directors: Bernie and Enkyo

10/04 Zen Peacemakers Family Board of Directors meeting

6/04 Zen Peacemaker Family Gathering at the Mother House in Montague Farm

12/03 Middle East Listening Missionwith Richard Gere

9/2002 ZPO ITC meeting at Montague Farm

7/2002 The Peacemaker Community at Montague Farm

6/2002 Bowery Street Retreat

4/2002 Sitting in Silence for Peace in Washington Square at the beginning of the War in Iraq

2001 Chiapas: The Bubysatva apprentices to Mr. Yoowho of Clowns without Borders

2001 Yonkers

2001 Jerusalem

1999 Lassalle Haus in Switzerland

1999 Retreat at Wisdom House: winter

1998 Retreat at Wisdom House: winter

1998 Philadelphia Jukai Retreat

1998 Sandra Jishu Holmes's Funeral in Santa Fe

1998 Claude AnShin Thomas' Walk across America

1997 Street Retreat in New York City

1996 Meditation Retreat in Auschwitz

Od Portraits


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