Photographs from Grand Manan Island
by Peter Cunningham
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Smiles Green at 100
A surprise party with 700 guests
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Ross Island Lighthouse 1888-2013
Salvage mission for the Grand Manan Museum
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A Sunday Afternoon with some Fishermans' Friends and Curtis Brown at 90
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Canada Day Greasy Pole Contest
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Fisherman's Friends concert at Covert Halllobster pound

Morris and Curtis Brown return to Deep Cove School
Grandson Graydon Brown organized a story retelling party in the old schoolhouse. The boys would hunt their way home with this very rifle.
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Rotary Festival Parade and Truck-Pull
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Rotary Festival Magic Show featuring Bernard Cormier from Saint Johnlobster pound


Rotary Festival Crew Competition
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Annual Poetry Reading at The Grand Manan Museum
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Political Visitation
The Premier of NB, the Representatives, and the Mayor bring money to finish the rink.
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Hot Ice
Grand Manan men line the rink and wait for cold weather. December 10, 2009
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Ice and Snow
Dark Harbor, Donny Ritchie, and The Point in a Blizzard: December 9, 2009
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A Very High Tide
The wharf goes under and the boat floats, December 3, 2009
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An All-Island Ceremony, November 29, 2009
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The Breakers Play Ball
Lookin' good on hard wood, November 27/8, 2009
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Apocalypse Now
Disaster on the Ingalls Head Road, November 27, 2009
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Another Walk in the Thoroughfare
Loading lobsters for market, November 26, 2009
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Fresh Bait
Caviar for Lobsters in IngallsHead, November 20 2009
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The River of Change
On Ingalls Head Peter finishes a book about Cultural Evolution in China, November 23, 2009
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Tie Breakers
The Junior Boys Basketball team wins a close one, November 25, 2009
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A Walk in the Pound
The Thoroughfare, November 16, 2009
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Visiting Peter
Future Old Men (with luck), November 15, 2009
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Grand Manan Boats
A Herring Carrier is transformed. November 16, 2009
A boat being fiberglassed


Rite of Passage: A Driver's License
Miranda Tate hits the road. November 16, 2009

Mini-Girls Play Serious Basketball
Teams from Fredrickton and St George take the ferry on a stormy day, November 15, 2009
Linda Brown coaches the BREAKERS, November 15, 2009.


Remembrance Day
The Royal Canadian Legion November 11, 2009
Rembrance Day, Hallie and Bessie Bass with RCMP officers, November 11, 2009.


The Opening of Lobster Season
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday November 8,9,&10, 2009
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Saturday Before Setting
Preparation for the opening of lobster season: November 7, 2009

Smiles and Bev
Smiles Green drives the grader once again: November 6, 2009
Kent Island sees Gannett


Kent Island November
Sleeping bag dream
s: November 1,2,&3, 2009 Kent Island sees Gannett

Without Me
Ideas for book pages - images from Grand Manan 2009

Ingalls Head shore by Lester Tate's shed, July 3, 2009.


on GrandMananislanders


The Annual Grand Manan Rotary Festival
New Brunswick Day celebrated in New Brunswick style.
The Grand Manan fire department digs in the fireworks.


225th Anniversary of Grand Manan's settlement
The Grand Manan Historical Society at Bonney Brook July 25th


Canada Day
from Swallowtail to Seal Cove


Tony Nunziata and Michael Zimmer
Creators of The Sardine Museum and Herring Hall of Fame, now both gone.


Bill Gross' Memorial on Kent Island
islandersCurrent Bill Gross was a founder of The Kent Island Scientific Station, he recruited my father Bob Cunningham out of high school to start a weather station in 1937. He poses with former directors of Bowdoin Scientific Station at Kent Island: Damon Gannon, Chuck Huntington, Bob Mauck, Nat Wheelwright.

2008 August 2008, Micheal Zimmer's last days in Seal Cove.

-The Telegraph-Journal writes about Peter! 9/20/08

-Grand Manan's Fishermen's Friends Choir performs in Eastport with Voices of the Bay and again in Grand Manan

-Bob Cunningham on Kent Island the 1930's & 40's

-Bob Fogseeker Cunningham's memorial on Kent Island July 28

-Michael Zimmer's Sardine Museum and Herring Hall of Fame

-Theron and Duska Get Married

-Church Service on Wood Island

-New Kids on the Rock

-Grand Harbour Light

-Dulse Emergency

-The Rotary Festival Talent Show

-Ingersoll's Cove

-The Building of the new Boys&Girls Club

-Island Wandering

-May: Decay and Renewal

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Jimmy Greene loved Mark Train, June 2007.

Three days in June 2007

2006 Exhibition at The Grand Manan Art Gallery, June 2006.

- Best of 2006

- film: burning down the house

- Peter's opening at The Grand Manan Art Gallery

- Historical Society visits Jane Briggs on Long Island

- Canada Day in Seal Cove

- Annual Meeting of The Historical Society

2005 Richard Rice looking for an assistant at The North Head Bakery, June 2005.

2005 The Boys and Girls Club visits The North Head Bakery

2005 North Head Sailing with Kirk Cheney

2005 Calley and Data's Wedding

2005/3 The Sardine Museum and Herring Hall of Fame

2002-3 Russell&Joan Ingalls haul Bob Cunningham's repaired fog screen to Kent Island, May 2003.

2003 May on Kent Island
2003 May on Grand Manan

2003 Heat
2002 Ingalls Head

1996 Opening day of lobster season with Brian Ingalls, November 2003.

-A LIFE OF ITS OWN: photographs and haiku


New Old Kent Island

Black&White Classics ('30's&50's)

Ingalls Headers

Bob Cunningham's autobiography 2004

photographs by Bob Cunningham
Fishing on the Cavalier l Hurricaine on Kent Island 1954 lTates and Cunninghams l Kids go Fishing l Eva and Lester l Amusements lFamily on Kent Island l Young Paul Tate l Billy l Jimmy l Peter l Claire l Fritz and Claire l Tate Family in the 30's and 40's l Kent Island in the 30's and 40's l Honymoon on Grand Manan 1945 l Bob Cunningham in the 30's l Pilpel Family Farm l Bob's thunderstorm photo in Life Magazine l Kent Island fog research results l

Photographs by Peter Cunningham