Ernest Joy and Dr. Gross (year?)

Planks beach (year?)

President Sills(?) of Bowdoin visit Kent Island (year?)

Rex Harris, who was caretaker in 1953. Field mark: jaunty hat.

Basin 1930's

Basin 1930's

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Fishing on the Cavalier l Hurricaine on Kent Island 1954 l Tates and Cunninghams l
Kids go Fishing l Eva and Lester l Amusements l
Family on Kent Island l Billy l Jimmy l Peter l Claire l Fritz and Claire l

Tate Family in the 30's and 40's l Kent Island in the 30's and 40's l Honymoon on Grand Manan 1945 l
Bob Cunningham in the 30's l Pilpel Family Farm l
Bob's thunderstorm photo in Life Magazine l Kent Island fog research results l
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