You say this doesn't look like the page of "Cloud Physicist"?

You may think Peter is the world's most versatile photographer but he still will have a hard time catching up to his father's photo prowess.

His father's tornadic anvil storm photograph got featured as a double page spread in the August 17, 1962 Life Magazine with Marilyn Monroe on the cover. "The picture was actually taken from the side of the C-130 over Oklahoma with a large Ariel camera holding a roll of 8" by 10" negatives. Aircraft was flown with left wing tilted well up before I pushed button to take picture. As I was in a jump seat just left of the pilot all this was coordinated with hand signals....... I remember on one of our circles we flew just under the anvil close to the massive clouds in back and got hit with hail falling in the cloudless air. We obviously scrambled out of there."

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