Maybury and Frances try to hide the piano

Eunice looks everywhere for the ketchup

What's wrong with these eggs, they've got spots...

Al Barnes takes the mountain apart, one rock at a time...

Bob and Myhron row until they go red in the face....

Claire and Eunice get away from the kids and put their heads together...

Who's the one in long pants? Black Shoes? (That's Captain Tate in zebra stripes)

Whatever happened to those great earmuffs?

They don't make cars that color anymore...

Place of many wonderful meals

Fishing on the Cavalier l Hurricaine on Kent Island 1954 l Tates and Cunninghams l
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Family on Kent Island l Billy l Jimmy l Peter l Claire l Fritz and Claire l

Tate Family in the 30's and 40's l Kent Island in the 30's and 40's l Honymoon on Grand Manan 1945 l
Bob Cunningham in the 30's l Pilpel Family Farm l
Bob's thunderstorm photo in Life Magazine l Kent Island fog research results l
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