High Notes: The Poetry of Music in The Golden Age before MTV

Photographs and lyric selection by Peter Cunningham

Note on the origin of this document: Whenever I photographed musical performers I perceived them as poets, I fell in love with their lyrics first. Some years ago I created this collection as a quark document, it was a labor of love as I knew I could never get the permissions required to publish this as a book; I hand-made two copies which were lost by people I gave them to and the quark file was trashed accidently, so the only trace existing of the project is one color xerox version from which these images were copied, thus the poor quality.I will be working with award-winning typographic designer Graham Clifford on the next itteration of this material; the design challenge is to have the typography be so strong and true to the lyric that it replaces the music as a partner for the poetry.
peter cunningham nyc 2/07

high_notes_(cover_text) 00__high_notes 164 170
busy_being_born 1a._bob_dylan 1b._van_morrrison 1c._leonard_cohen
1d._jackson_browne 1e._billy_joel 1f._carley_simon 1g._bruce_springsteen
wanna_be_a_rock_roll_star 2a._roger_mcquin 2b._loudon_wainwright 2c._cindy_lauper
2d._robbie_robertson 2e._jagger-parton 2f._miss_piggy 116
what_s_it_all_about_ 3a._bachrach-warwick 3b._elvis_costello 3c._leonard_cohen
3d._steve_forbert 3e._mose_allison 3f._david_bowie 3g._rosanne_cash
3h._dusty_springfield 77 149 144
love_hurts 4a._emmylou_harris 4b._tom_waitts 4c._tracy_nelson
4d._meatloaf 4e._rod_stewart 4f._ray_davies 4g._harry_chapin
4h._george_jones 4i._pheobe_snow 4j._carley_james 4k._wonderjohn_winter
helpless 5a._neil_young 5b._o_jays 5c._charlie_rich
5d._richard_thompson 5e._kris_kristofferson. 5f._paul_simon 5g._judy_collins-sondheim
natural_woman 6a._aretha_franklin 6b._madonna 6c._ashford_simpson
6d._staples_singers 6e._richie_havens 1 148
love_me_like_a_man 7a._bonnie_raitt 7b._patti_labelle 7c._julio_iglesias
7d._chaka_khan 7e._the_hollies 7f._joe_jackson 7g._rod_stewart_tturner
i_feel_fine 8a._jack_bruce 8b._loggins_messina 8c._carlos_santana
8d._winter_brothers 8e._bo_didley 8f.gilespie-miles_davis 8g._aaron_copeland-th_7e39e
you_ve_got_to_have_fiends 9a._bette_midler 9b._midler_spgstn_waitts 9c._bernstn-_ian_spgsn_joel
9d._belushi-cocker 9e._townshend_john_dy_7e3a6 9f._alan_price 9g._anderson_rchnbg_w_7e3a8
9h._james_taylor the_revolution_will 10a_gill_scott_heron 10b._patti_smith
10c._the_clash 10d._iglesias_joel 10e._peter_gabriel 10f._lou_reed
10g._don_mclean 10h._mick_jagger 10i._peter_paul_mary 166
not_scared_of_dying 11a._laura_nyro 11b._randy_newman 11c._marvin_gaye
11d._elton_john. 11e._pete_townshend 11f._john_prine 154
all_you_see_is_glory 121c._bennettc-arter 12a._janis_ian 12b._lena_horne__mayn_7e3c3
12d._neil_diamond 12e._jimmy_cliff 3 114
bop__til_you_drop 13a._ry_cooder 13b._peter_tosh. 13c._mark_knopfler
13d._steve_goodman 13e._bonds-christy 13f._jesse_winchester 173
and_in_the_end 14a._bruce_springsteen 14b._john_lennon-paul_7e3d3 14c._elvis_presley