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Peter Cunningham, a noted photographer of entertainers (a list of his subjects runs from Bruce Springsteen to Les Misérables), has developed a personal medium that he calls "still film," in which a series of images are projected onto three screens, accompanied by an original score. These visual poems are decidedly more ambitious than his celebrity work; in the past they've consisted of essays on nature and consumerism. He shot his latest still film in Berlin, and it addresses, in a stunningly colorful fashion, how the walls that hem us in are not necessarily made of concrete.

-The New Yorker 5/2/05


WÄNDE WENDE (Walls Change) - Berlin's walls, concrete and otherwise

Music by Kaufman, Satie, and Schnittke performed by Barbez 15 minutes 2005


SOUPE DE LA VIE - L'Un Est L'Autre, a soup kitchen in Paris, shops, cooks, and serves.

music by John Greaves 5 minutes 2005

LIFE ON EARTH - Adam and Eve fell from Paradise to Earth, the same one we live on here and now.

Music by Lisa Cunningham with Barnabas Miller 17 minutes 2001

BLINDERS - Our senses are overwhelmed, our vision is manipulated, and our energy is channelled.

Music by Lisa Cunningham with Barnabas Miller 10 minutes 1992

THE YEAR MYHRON DIED - Grand Manan is a Canadian fishing island in The Bay of Fundy

Music by Cecile Boehler and Barnabas Miller with Lisa Cunningham 25 minutes 2005

YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU"VE GOT UNTIL IT'S GONE - Greenwich Village in September 2001
Music by Lisa Cunningham and Barnabas Miller 6 minutes 2001


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